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Urban nation architects & associates is a multidisciplinary studio which combines a strong ambition in contemporary architectural design with a passion for the art of construction and a deep commitment to high-quality project management.

As actors in the transformation of the built environment, our mission is to help individuals, corporations, institutions, private and public real estate professionals be a positive driving force for the improvement of the places we live, work, relax, cure and educate ourselves in, as well as for the embelishment of the territories we travel. We achieve it by design and by management. Professionnalism is one of our essential values.

The core of our practice is a team of hands-on architects, engineers and associated professionals who share a similar service-oriented culture, and a result-driven approach. The team’s know-how is channeled to our clients through 2 divisions, which can act either independently or in an integrated fashion.

urban nation architects
urban nation architects offers design and architecture services on projects ranging from small-scale transformations to large public and private buildings.

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urban nation associates | pm | b2b | real(i)ty
urban nation associates delivers a range of specialised services to specific target groups in the real estate industry :

pm offers project&construction management services to professionals in the private & public real estate sector. find out more...

b2b offers a full range of consuting, design, site supervision, project management and outsourcing services for the retail and commercial real estate sector, with a strong focus on long-term partnering with client organisations. find out more...

real(i)ty offers creative feasability study and project incubation services to property owners, developers and business operators. find out more...

    Currently active in Belgium and in France, the team can perform services in French, Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Roumanian and Arabic.
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