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With a 5 to 10 years professional experience, including minimum 3 years of construction supervision, you have good technical knowledge and a strong sense of responsibility, are independent and solution-oriented. Consistent, well organised, and accurate, you enjoy dialoguing with all project stakeholders, and are pleased to share your know-how with younger colleagues. At ease at the office and on site, your interest for construction goes beyond technical and architectural questions ; you also like to take an active part in issues of site organisation, planning, coordination and management, in which your experience and pragmatism enables you to contribute positively to the success of projects.

Within an office which is recognised for the quality of its work and its professionalism, you become the main counterpart of the client and the real driving force of the projects which are entrusted to you. You steer those projects on a day to day basis with the assistance of project architects whose work you supervise and organise.

This function will enable you to develop not only your technical knowledge, but also the organisational and relational aptitudes which will make you an experienced professional and a mature actor in your field, who is listened to and recognised both inside and outside of the office, in the study phase as well as in construction stage.

If you are interested and think you have the right skills and experience, please send your CV and portfolio to nicolas.mahy@unaa.eu

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