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With a 2 to 5 years professional experience, including minimum 1 years of construction supervision, you are at ease in the administrative stages of projects (building permits), and start to have a good understanding of the various roles and issues which play a part in the realisation of architecture and construction projects. Detail-oriented, attracted by the technical elaboration of projects and by contacts with a large variety of counterparts, observing and methodical in your work, you have a good ability to absorb new information and are enthusiastic about learning more about the practicalities of your field, in study phases as well as in the construction stage.

Within an office which invests itself with determination in the professional development of its collaborators, in permanent interaction with your project manager, you are in charge of the day-t-day of your project. You are at the heart of all exchanges and take part in all the decisions regarding your project, you elaborate by yourself of with the help of colleagues all the graphic and written documents regarding it, and you take an active part in all the design and construction meetings, which you then write the reports of and insure the follow-up actions of.

This function will allow you to deepen your knowledge of all aspects of your field, to develop your technical know-how, to sharpen your critical mind and to progressively build a global vision which will enable you to evolve with growing confidence in your professional environment.

If you are interested and think you have the right skills and experience, please send your CV and portfolio to nicolas.mahy@unaa.eu

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