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With 10+ years professional experience, including minimum 7 years of construction supervision, you have sound technical expertise, in-depth knowledge of construction norms and regulations, a wide experience of the planning procedures in Belgium, as well as excellent communications skills.

 As project director, you manage an in-house team of 4 to 8 architects whom you help to grow professionally and empower in their daily tasks. You anticipate the project requirements and supervise the timely coordination of inputs by all project stakeholders. You represent the office in senior-level contacts with the client and administrations. And you bring when necessary the weight of your experience the construction site.

 Throughout the entire project process, you are constantly attentive to planning, budget and functionnality as agreed with the client, and keep a permanent focus on technical and architectural quality.

 If you are interested and think you have the right skills and experience, please send your CV and portfolio to nicolas.mahy@unaa.eu

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