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    pm – project & construction management
pm offers project & construction management services to the private or public professional real estate sectors.

Earning our clients’ full confidence in our ability to successfully lead the design and construction processes according to their objectives is as quintessential to us as the ability to provide ambitious and forward-thinking design. Since over 10 years, highly professional project & construction management has therefore been an essential focus in our services.

A significant part of our overall activities consist in standalone project & construction management missions. These missions provide us with the opportunity to concentrate our attention solely on budget, planning, information management, as well as worksite organisation and construction coordination. This in turn enables our team to continuously improve the methodologies that we developed in order to keep budgets and schedules under permanent control, and to strengthen its leadership in the global construction process.

Another important part of our activities consist in project & construction management services performed within the frame of wider-scope missions, which also include architecture and engineering services. In that configuration, the synergy between in-house project management and design services garantees clients the cost-efficiency of the mission, the fluidity and the reliability of information exchange between project designers and project managers, as well as the maximalisation of architectural and technical quality within the project’s financial constraints and schedule.

Consistently delivering projects within budget and schedule has been a key factor in the fact that more than three quarters of our missions come from returning customers.

For inquiries about our project & construction management services, please contact us here.
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