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    real(i)ty – development incubator
Striking the right balance between a project’s relevance for its community, its market-attractiveness, and its cost-efficiency, is a key success factor for any significant development. This balance becomes increasingly challenging to reach as our territories become more densely built, and as the social and environmental contexts become more prevalent.

As creative design often is the only discipline that can solve conflicting programmatic or financial parameters, we believe that design-thinking and early 3D visualisation is central to the successful assessment of a development’s potential. Bringing design early into the feasability study also saves development time as visual material for dialoguing with local authorities can be faster prepared, and adds financial security as technical solutions and costs can be earlier discussed with partnering contractors.

With a solution-minded approach and a design-based methodology, real(i)ty’s aim is to help property owners, developers and business operators positively embrace external constraints and merge the increasingly complex expectations from all stakeholders into projects and places which are more uplifting to live in, less demanding on non-renewable ressources, and economically profitable.

real(i)ty can perform any combination of the following services for land and property owners, developers or business operators :

  • assess qualitative, technical, legal, social and urbanistic site (re-)development potential
  • help define the programmatic brief through a creative multiple-scenario evaluation method
  • elaborate preliminary architectural solutions
  • estimate property value based on development potential
  • make up detailed financial feasability studies with cash-flow forecasts
  • help identify partners for the development
  • draft presentation documentation for project financing
  • help elaborate marketing material for project commercialisation

  • For inquiries about our project incubation services for property owners and developers, please contact us here.
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