Cookies Policy

The purpose of the Cookies policy is to provide our website visitors clear and complete information about the cookies we use and their purpose. We also invite you to read our Privacy Policy to familiarise yourself with the rules that apply to our website in terms of privacy. For further information on the applicable cookies policy, do not hesitate to contact us via

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that are stored in a computer system via an Internet browser.

Many Internet sites and servers use cookies. Many cookies contain a so-called cookie ID. A cookie ID is a unique identifier of the cookie. It consists of a character string through which Internet pages and servers can be assigned to the specific Internet browser in which the cookie was stored. This allows visited Internet sites and servers to differentiate the individual browser of the dats subject from other Internet browsers that contain other cookies. A specific Internet browser can be recognised and identified using the unique cookie ID.

What is the purpose of cookies?

Through the use of cookies, UNAA can provide the users of its website with more user-friendly services that would not be possible without the cookie setting.

By means of a cookie and similar technologies allowing preference personalisation on our website can be optimised with the user in mind. Cookies allow us, as previously mentioned, to recognise our website users' preferences. The purpose of this recognition is to improve the way our visitors interact with our website and adjust the content and functionalities we make available here. However,  cookies and similar technologies do not allow us to systematically collect Data that could identify you.

Types of cookies we are using

Google Analytics is configured to use and to store first-party cookies. Cookies used by Google Analytics enable UNAA to track the following information about visitors. We use this information to prepare aggregated, anonymous statistics reports of visitors’ activity:

IP address (masked)
Location: country, region, city, approximate latitude and longitude (Geolocation)
Date and time of the request (visit to the site)
Title of the page being viewed (Page Title)
URL of the page being viewed (Page URL)
URL of the page that was viewed prior to the current page (Referrer URL)
Screen resolution of user's device
Time in local visitor's time-zone
Files that were clicked and downloaded (Download)
Links to an outside domain that were clicked (Outlink)
Pages generation time (the time it takes for webpages to be generated by the webserver and then downloaded by the visitor)
Browser version, browser plugins (PDF, Flash, Java, ...) operating system version, device identifier (User-Agent header)
Average time spent on the website
Behaviour: new users vs returning users

First party cookies are cookies set by the website you’re visiting – i.e our website in this case. Only this website can read them. In addition, a website might potentially use an external service to analyse how people are using their site. Google Analytics sets their own cookie to do this and does not use external parties.

You may, though, choose to consent to contributing your browsing experience on our website for us to produce anonymised statistics. If you click on “I refuse” in your web browser, we will respect your choice and your browsing experience on our website will not be tracked for the cookies which you have selected. Only the cookies necessary for running the website will then apply.

Social media cookies: Our website is currently active on LinkedIn and our our website will provide you a direct connection to the platform. By clicking on the LinkedIn button on our website, you will be redirected to the LinkedIn site, which has its own cookie and privacy policies over which we have no control.


Your consent

Consent of the data subject is any freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the data subject's wishes by which he or she, by a statement or by a clear affirmative action, signifies agreement to the processing of personal data relating to him or her. 

Regardless of your original choice, you can modify it at any time by accessing the 'Cookies banner' displayed in the lower part of any webpage, when you visit our website.

More information

More information about cookies, the way to identify the type of cookies we use, how to manage and remove them as individual user can be found on the website